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    Natalben supra o yodocefol

    what are the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy?

    To understand this, we must first know that the neural tube, which is the precursor of the nervous system of the embryo begins to develop very early, even before the mother knows she is pregnant. Therefore, if the woman does not know that she is pregnant when such an important structure as the neural tube is developing, she must take folic acid supplements at all times from the day she has made the decision to seek pregnancy.
    The vast majority of women who want to become pregnant - even if they do not have risk factors for having a baby with neural tube defects - who plan pregnancy, who go to a preconception consultation, who comply with medical recommendations and who eat a healthy diet rich in folate, should take a folic acid supplement at least two to three months before becoming pregnant. Its consumption should be maintained throughout pregnancy and prolonged during the postpartum or puerperium (between four and six weeks), or during the entire breastfeeding period if breastfeeding lasts longer. The recommended dose ranges from 0.4 mg to 1 mg of folic acid per day.

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    A woman who takes folic acid before pregnancy has very few problems with neural tube defects in the baby (such as spina bifida). But only 30 percent of pregnant women take it before they become pregnant. The same thing happens with iodine: women who take it before and during pregnancy, as well as while breastfeeding, have a lower incidence of babies with mental retardation problems due to hypothyroidism. We know that between 3 and 5 percent of women spontaneously have babies with malformations (the most common, those of the neural tube), regardless of the age of the mothers. And the incidence of these cases could be greatly reduced (two out of three cases) simply by taking folic acid supplements. In addition, folic acid influences many other bodily functions, for example, it prevents megaloblastic anemia.
    The baby's neural tube closes between week 6 and week 8 of pregnancy, when many mothers do not yet know they are pregnant. This is the case, for example, of mothers who have irregular or very long cycles, who can confirm their pregnancy between weeks 8 and 10. All these weeks of gestation are key for folic acid to help develop the basic structures of the embryo. Therefore, since a woman does not know when she will become pregnant, she should start taking folic acid when she plans her pregnancy, approximately three months before fertilization. If the pregnancy is delayed, the woman can intersperse the months of folic acid intake, so that she does not have to wait too long.

    i didn't know i was pregnant and i didn't take folic acid.

    I also take the pregnancy vitamins and I take iron supplements as prescribed by the gynecologist. It is very important to take this iron supplement for childbirth. Listen to what the gynecologist says. Iron deficiencies are not good for the mother or the baby.
    I also take tardyferon and my vitamins (Femasvit). My gynecologist told me that even after delivery I have to stay on iron.... I started my pregnancy without anemia and taking idocefol, but when my iron levels got low they told me to take it and that is what I am taking.

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    I am taking idocefol, if you were planning the pregnancy they should have prescribed it for you before you got pregnant, they say it is good to take it two months before you get pregnant. If it wasn't planned they should have prescribed it at your first visit since you found out.
    Thank you very much girls, my doctor is not here and is a substitute, the truth is that I did not like it very much because I did not give importance to anything, I took folic acid, but I have been taking anxiolytics and for him, the most normal thing, and I...scared to death.
    They only sent me natifar. I asked the midwife if I had to take vitamins and she told me that if I had a good diet (meats, vegetables, fish and fruit) there was no need. In fact she told me that I would see it better in the analysis and so far (and I'm 37+6) all the analytical have come out embroidered. So if you have a good diet, you don't need it. At the end of the second trimester, they did give me iron. And so far I'm still on natifar and iron. And the baby is at p50

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