Klippan kiss 2 plus opiniones

Klippan kiss 2 plus opiniones
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    Klippan kiss 2 plus opiniones

    Plus tested car seats

    Anchoring is easy. Just one click and it attaches to the car seat using the vehicle's Isofix anchorage. Alternatively, a conventional 3-point seat belt can be used to anchor the seat securely to the car seat.Approval: According to R44-04 regulations up to 18 kg, rearward facing in the front or rear seat.Mounting: Rearward facing. In the front or rear seat, with the ISOFIX anchorage, or using a 3-point seat belt.
    An effective anchorage system is a fundamental aspect of the quality of the car seat. KISS 2 has an isofix installation with a support leg as a third anchorage point, and also an installation with a three-point or two-point seat belt and again the support leg.
    KISS 2 has a shell completely covered with polystyrene, a material responsible for absorbing part of the impact energy that would otherwise fall directly on the occupant's body.

    Silla de auto klippan

    La silla de auto KLIPPAN KISS 2 PLUS se monta en sentido contrario a la marcha. Está diseñada para bebés y niños de hasta 4 años y hasta 18 kg de peso. Ha superado el exigente PlusTest sueco y ha obtenido 4 estrellas y una "buena" calificación en las pruebas del ADAC. Cumple la norma ECE 4404, lo que confirma su eficacia para proteger a un niño pequeño durante la conducción. La silla KLIPPAN KISS 2 PLUS se instala en el coche mediante la base ISOFIX o los cinturones de seguridad de 3 puntos. El conjunto también incluye 2 inserciones para bebés.
    La silla KLIPPAN KISS 2 PLUS es adecuada para su instalación en sentido contrario a la marcha, que es la posición recomendada para los niños más pequeños. Es una buena práctica transportar a los niños de esta manera el mayor tiempo posible. En el caso de KLIPPAN KISS 2 PLUS es posible incluso hasta la edad de 4 años.
    El asiento puede instalarse con una base ISOFIX. Esta es una forma de asegurar una instalación estable y siempre correcta. La silla no cambia de posición mientras se conduce. También es posible abrochar la silla de forma clásica, es decir, con el cinturón de seguridad de 3 puntos del coche.

    Carseat se coupon

    The position of the seat is the key to providing maximum safety. Traveling backwards is what allows us to aspire to ZERO INJURY, and the Klippan Kiss 2 Plus seat can only be installed rearward facing.
    The KLIPPAN KISS 2 PLUS is a product that has a direct impact on the safety of a child. In order to guarantee its correct use, Canción de Cuna considers it essential to purchase this product under the supervision of qualified personnel. For this reason, its commercialization will only be possible in highly specialized and trained establishments.

    Car seat sweden

    Klippan seats can only be purchased in physical stores. You will not find them in any online store, but we recommend these similar models that do not disappoint in quality, safety and comfort for your baby:
    One of the main advantages of the Klippan Triofix Recline is that it can be installed without Isofix, with the seat belt from 18 kg. Up to 36 kg it allows travel in the rear-facing position, and can also be installed in the direction of travel.
    Although in general terms you can already see that this is a very interesting car seat model, it also has some disadvantages. One of them is that it is approved for ECE R44/04, instead of the new i-Size standard.
    Obviously, even a model like this had to have some disadvantages, but fortunately in this case they are not technical. The problem with the Maxi is its price, which is not very affordable for everyone.
    It is very easy to anchor: with a simple click it attaches to the seat using the Isofix anchorage. Although with a conventional 3-point seat belt it can also be done, and in a completely safe way.

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