Kanela y limon roscon de reyes

Kanela y limon roscon de reyes
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    Kanela y limon roscon de reyes

    How to make roscon de reyes easy and fluffy

    I think this phrase could be translated as: "Marcela, have pity on me, I'm doing everything I can not to take away the board and you're not helping me at all, knowing how little patient I am and that the Kings are watching me".
    What can I tell you about the source of this recipe, Kanela y Limón, I discovered it very recently, but having tried this recipe, it has already given me all the guarantees I need to trust it. It is super-recommendable. Please visit her, she has some photos, some recipes, to lose your senses ... and gain a few pounds, that too, just by looking.
    We spread oil in a large bowl (with a paper napkin) put the dough inside covered with cling film and let it rise. I put it in the oven without temperature, it will take about two hours.
    Once the dough has risen, remove it from the bowl and turn it out onto the surface on which we are going to work. Here you decide if you want one roscón or two. I made one, but next time I will make two of each dough, as Kanela y Limón did.

    Pumpkin king cake filled with cocoa cream without cocoa cream.

    Since Cristina in her post explains it step by step with beautiful photos, be sure to visit her blog Kanela y Limón and enjoy the show, and above all her long list of tips to successfully prepare this and any homemade roscón.
    After this time we remove the dough and put it in a large bowl greased with oil, cover it with oiled plastic wrap on the side that will be in contact with the dough and leave it at room temperature for an hour. Then we keep the dough in the refrigerator overnight.
    Hi, I'm glad you made it this far, I hope you liked what you read. Just to say that I love reading your posts and if you ask me any questions I will try to answer as soon as possible. Thanks!

    Making the most of roscón de reyes: torrijas de roscón

    Slow fermentation, for those who do not know, consists of kneading in advance and leaving the dough to ferment in the refrigerator for one night (or even longer). In this way, the fermentation will take place more slowly but, on the other hand, we avoid one of the disadvantages of the elaboration of doughs such as bread or roscón de reyes, to spend hours watching the dough to see if it has already doubled its volume to put it in the oven.
    (*) Pumpkin puree: We can buy it already prepared or make it ourselves. We buy the pumpkin, boil it and mash it with a fork. If you have a microwave, put the pumpkin in a bowl in the microwave and, at maximum power, program it for 3 minutes at a time, pricking to check when it is soft (depending on the quantity and power of the microwave, it will take more or less). The weight refers to the puree already made.
    Incorporate the ingredients (except salt) in the bowl of the mixer with the hook accessory. Mix for 2 minutes at low speed and knead for about 15 minutes at medium speed. Add the salt about 4 minutes after kneading.

    Vegan roscón de reyes de navidad - recipe by living like

    Once the dough has risen, remove it from the bowl and turn it out onto the surface on which we are going to work. Here you decide if you want one roscón or two. I made two, so I weighed the dough and separated two equal portions. We will form two balls, taking dough from the outside and taking it to the center we will tuck the dough until it forms a ball (this is not complicated ehh) then we will turn it over and turn it a few times with both hands so that we get a nice ball.
    I can not read the words that you have dedicated gives error, even so many congratulations on the award, and on the initiative that you have had I have loved, look if I liked that at this time I'm preparing my roscones to participate hehe a kiss and congratulations.
    I ask for it. No doubt I have to try to do it this vacation because with the panettone we were delighted and this one promises not to disappoint us at all. I really want a pedacín...Merry Christmas, Cristina!
    How good was your roscón, I can't wait to get started with it because sweet dough is what I like the most in the world, both to make and eat it haha. Congratulations on this award you deserve it. Kisses and have a very happy holidays.

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