Educacio en valors videos

Educacio en valors videos

10:06lo que tú quieras oir – cortometraje – subtítulos en españolfreshspanishyoutube – 11 may 2009

The distortion of values both in the family and in the school brings with it indiscipline, low performance, apathy in the study, low self-esteem, absence of dignity, etc. There is a direct relationship between values, education and academic performance, which reflects the result of the different and complex stages of the educational process as well as the goals towards which all the efforts of authorities, teachers, parents and students converge.
Therefore, it is essential to permanently encourage students to practice values in all educational institutions at all levels and thus contribute with human beings with high moral and ethical values to the Ecuadorian society.

Values education videos

Educating in values is important for students to become responsible, committed and empathetic people. To do so, it is possible to resort to films, games, proverbs or other resources such as short films that tell stories to make students reflect. We have compiled an extensive list of short films to teach values such as love, friendship and empathy in the classroom.
«The important thing is not the position in which you play, but the effort of each player because despite the difficulties if the team is united it never gives up». This phrase is an excerpt from the dialogue that appears in this animated short film. It takes place in a classroom and the message conveyed is that the family is a great team whose members, by remaining united, are better able to face adversities and day-to-day problems.
Students from CRA La Sabina (Zaragoza) from Monegrillo and Nuez de Ebro are the protagonists of this story about bullying, which was part of the innovation project «Estamos rodando» (We are filming). It was recognized with the award for the best experience at the EDUTOPIA 2015 meeting.

4:38cloe. short film subtitled in spanishhablandoenele spanish for foreignersyoutube – 3 oct 2019

All parents recognize the importance of instilling in their children a set of values on which to rely throughout their lives. In these early ages, the basis of education focuses on the acquisition and learning of habits that each child will have to incorporate into their daily lives, making them their own. When these habits are assimilated, they become values. Throughout our lives, these values that we live become virtues.
The education of children is a very difficult and costly task that requires a lot of patience, perseverance and desire on our part. It is and must be a joint task between parents and school. Parents, as the first educators of our children, must be aware and take responsibility in this educational task, with the help of the school.
It is therefore essential to have clear educational criteria or guidelines; that is, what I want to achieve in my children, what values I want to encourage in them, what is expected of them. At this age, personal awareness of the self awakens, that is, they begin to be aware of their possibilities and limitations, of what costs them more and what costs them less.

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In order not to remain a proposal of good intentions, nor a residual element to be dealt with from time to time in class, it is necessary to plan education in values with serious, formal and objective criteria. One possible organization could be to take moral and civic education as the main axis around which a series of very diverse topics revolve in a cross-cutting manner. Some of these issues would be:
The main value of this type of education lies in its ability to act as an instrument to help create a better society, composed of critical and responsible citizens, willing to commit themselves to a more just and egalitarian society that is committed to the promotion of health, the environment, rational consumption and sustainable development.