Victoria alvarez escritora

Victoria alvarez escritora

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As it has become a tradition every time I go to a signing I tell you a little bit about it here. This time it’s about the presentation of El príncipe de los prodigios that I went to in Salamanca on Friday. I had been wanting to read something by this author for a long time because everyone speaks wonders of her and rightly so. At Christmas I got two books by Helena Lennox and I devoured them in a week despite being in exams JAJAJAJ I already told you about La ciudad de las sombras in the blog but my favorite has been El príncipe de los prodigios.
In the presentation Victoria told us a bit about everything, starting by telling us a bit about the book (no spoilers) and about Helena’s adventure this time in Naples, with the mystery of a series of murders taking place in the city and references to an important character from the past, Raimondo di Sangro (also known as Prince of Prodigies) and his peculiar and advanced alchemical inventions.
She also told us that her favorite part of writing is really the documentation and research part, where she enjoys discovering new cultures and settings for her novels (and how well she does it). And that what works for her in writing is to be consistent and write a little bit every day.

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Hello everyone, today is January 20th, so I can say that Tu nombre después de la lluvia is only one month away from being available in all bookstores! Soon you are going to see me quite active in other Internet platforms, but until that happens I leave you here the synopsis of the novel.With all of you…Once upon a time in Ireland… It is the first days of January 1903 and Professor Quill
We all have our secrets,» Silvana said as she shrugged her shoulders slightly. All of us, absolutely all of us. It’s just that some people’s are creepier than anyone else can imagine.»

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Not only does the man with the sweaty face not say anything to her, nor does he apologize to her, he doesn’t even look at her. He doesn’t notice her presence. It’s as if Victoria doesn’t exist. He is a calm, unperturbed man, with a blank stare. She watches him walk away. After the door closes, Victoria slowly regains the normality of her facial features and begins to forget the incident.
The interview was over. With little hope of getting the job, Victoria gets on the elevator. She closes the door and presses the button to descend to the first floor. She hears a long, high-pitched sound in the distance, to which she pays no attention. A minute later, when he arrives, the door opens, and he is surprised by what he sees: a group of firefighters is coming down the stairs at full speed. One of them is carrying the hose, dragging it down the steps. A policeman points to him in a raised tone:

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Victoria Álvarez (Salamanca, 1985) es una historiadora del arte que trabaja como profesora en la Universidad de Salamanca especializada en literatura artística del siglo XIX. Tras la publicación de sus primeras novelas -Hojas de dedalera (Versátil, 2011) y Las eternas (Versátil, 2012)-, en 2014 inició la trilogía Espíritus soñadores con Tu nombre después de la lluvia (Lumen), que continuó en Contra la fuerza del viento (Lumen, 2015) y El sabor de tus heridas (Lumen, 2016). En 2017 publicó La ciudad de las sombras (Nocturna), la primera de la trilogía de Helena Lennox, cuya historia continúa en El príncipe de los prodigios (Nocturna, 2018). En 2018 publicó otras dos novelas independientes: Silverville (Nocturna) y La Costa de Alabastro (Alianza: Runas), y en 2019 La voz de Amunet (Nocturna), una historia ambientada en el Antiguo Egipto.