Verdad care santos pdf

Verdad care santos pdf
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    Verdad care santos pdf

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    50 things about me CARE SANTOS 50 things about me edebé Care Santos, 2018 Represented by Sandra Bruna Literary Agency Ed. Cast: Edebé, 2018 Paseo de San Juan Bosco, 62 08017 Barcelona
    Hugo y el ladrón fantasma Carlos Vila Sexto Hugo y el ladrón fantasma Carlos Vila Sexto, 2017 Illustrations: Erica Salcedo, 2017 Published in agreement with Meucci Agency Milano. Cast. ed.: Edebé, 2017 Paseo
    and La casa de los esqueletos asustados (INCLUDES THEATER PLAY) José María Plaza and La casa de los esqueletos asustados (INCLUDES THEATER PLAY) edebé of the novel, José María Plaza, 2008 of the play,
    El Marciano perfecto (y una feísima estudiante de intercambio sueca) Text by Gabriel García de Oro, 2012 Illustrations by Purificación Hernández, 2012 of the edition: EDEBÉ, 2012 Paseo de San Juan Bosco,
    Elsa y el paraíso Mariasun Landa Elsa y el paraíso edebé Original title: Elsa eta paradisua Mariasun Landa, 2015 Illustrations: Elena Odriozola, 2015 Ed. Cast.: edebé, 2015 Paseo de San Juan Bosco, 62

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    Winner of many literary awards: Ciudad de Alcalá of narrative (1995), Ana María Matute of short stories (1998), Ateneo Joven de Sevilla (1999), Gran Angular (2000), Edebé (2003), Alonso de Cossío of short story books (2003), Gran Angular de Literatura Juvenil (2004), Alandar de Narrativa Juvenil (2005).Translated in Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Lithuania. Nadal Award 2016 with Media vida.
    04/17/2021 Ebook This is the second book of the trilogy LIE, TRUTH and FEAR. In my opinion, it is a story that should be read and its characters touch your heart, especially knowing their history.

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    Last Saturday I went by "chance" to the presentation of Verdad at the Madrid Book Fair, and I had the great honor of Care giving me his copy with the passages he had selected for the presentation marked in pencil.  I was so eager to read it that on my return trip to Barcelona by AVE, I read it in one sitting. In the same way that Mentira hooked me into reading it from the first page, Verdad caught me again in the life of Éric, the protagonist of the two books.
    A story that speaks of social reintegration in a difficult environment: a broken family, a neighborhood that only breathes crime and drugs. Mafias, extortions, bribes and loneliness... A lot of loneliness, and also the value of repentance.
    Towards the end of the book Hugo appears, a blind boy who becomes the "floater" that Éric needs and who appears when everything seems to be sinking... And who (explained for the first time by Care herself) will be the link with a new novel in which he will be the main protagonist. Care joked about a conversation she had had with her eldest son (a privileged reader of her juvenile novels) about the title of the third book of the saga after Mentira y Verdad: No sé, Quizá....

    verdad care santos ebook

    As it happened to me with the previous one, I found the plot absolutely wonderful. The author narrates the feelings of the protagonist with great sensitivity and manages to make you empathize with him and his situation to perfection. I loved the enormous social criticism contained in the novel and how the role of books and reading is highlighted again. The pace is very agile because the length of the chapters is not very long and there is always emotion in each one of them. Another thing that I liked is the mix of topics that the book touches on, although it seems like juvenile literature it goes much further and talks, among others, about violence, drugs, mafias, gambling and poverty.
    However, as it usually happens to me, for me the best thing was undoubtedly the characters. In particular the evolution of Éric during the novel, all the people he meets and the relationships he establishes with each of them. I liked the evolution of the character and the things that happen and how he learns from them. Xenia has not had nearly the same importance in this book as in its predecessor, but I liked her fighting spirit and that her personality has developed, even if it is in the background.

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