Tierra eloy moreno critica

Tierra eloy moreno critica

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SPECTACULAR! What a great novel the author has given us. As you can see, I have put the synopsis that I read before starting, which does not say too much, and that I think has been the great strength of this reading, not to expect anything of what was happening.
Very short chapters, with a multitude of very well characterized characters, but with aspects of the life of each one of them that we will discover in the long road that awaits us to reach a goal and a truth that will continue to surprise us.
Ah, eh, ohh, uff, mother of mine. Something like that was what came out of my mouth after every chapter, that is, more or less every 1-2 minutes. And that makes for a thriller that I can only say is a gem of the genre. And more if possible, it has within that world, a few very important messages and reflections on today’s society.

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I read it guided by the recommendations of several acquaintances and intrigued to know the development of a promising approach. It starts strongly and manages to catch you in the first pages, based on very short chapters with well presented characters that leave you intrigued. It raises current issues such as the abuse of social networks, pollution and raises moral dilemmas; perhaps it tries to cover too much with it and does not quite reach any of these messages. A pity that it loses the brilliance of the initial idea as it progresses with predictable situations, including the ending. I would recommend it as light reading, without further pretensions.
From a subtle social criticism, Eloy Moreno shows us where the values and interests of society are going. Touching on current issues such as social networks, the environment, the veracity or not of the information we receive. It has a very appealing beginning of the book, with a very fast setting, good description of the characters and the situation. I really liked that two stories are being told at the same time in such a simple way, the knot of the book has made me a little more uphill, without being heavy or much less, but if something slower. And an ending that leaves you with very interesting reflections on the veracity of the information we get through the different media.

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The problem with searching for the truth is finding it and not knowing what to do with it A novel that will change the way you see the world Dear reader, You have a novel that raises questions that are difficult to answer; a novel that talks about those truths that, in spite of searching, we would rather not find. I cannot explain to you what this book is about because that would break its magic, but I assure you that, when you finish reading it, you will see the world differently.    Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish.
The idea promised a lot and it hooked me, but the parallel story was an ordeal, the tone of the novel is too superficial, you can’t empathize with the main characters because of past stories that are not told, I empathize much more with the protagonists of the interesting idea I am referring to. But it becomes more and more focused on the story that doesn’t turn out to be the interesting one until the end. Also, I’m sorry to say this, but the narrator, Andrea Hermoso, seemed to me too amateurish, a little girl’s voice without emotion, and on top of that she narrates the worst part of the story. It’s a shame, the idea, the denouement and the ending are very good, but the style and the depth of the characters remain basic. A story of five that falls apart 🙁

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His first self-published novel, which brought him success by selling more than 3,000 copies independently,[1] being signed by the publishing house Espasa, which republished the novel,[2] which was released on January 13, 2011 with a new cover and editing changes.[3][4] The news of the self-publishing story prior to its national launch by Espasa appeared in a report by Carlos del Amor in the Telediario Noche (TVE). Currently the work has sold more than 200,000 copies and its rights have been acquired by the Penguin Random House group.
The author’s second novel was published on September 25, 2013. The novel also topped the sales charts and was immediately translated into Italian under the title Lungo le strade della ostra vita. With this novel Eloy Moreno begins his first route set in a novel. In this case the book is set in the city of Toledo[5] and as part of the first presentation that takes place in the Alcázar of Toledo a route through the streets of Toledo is organized for the first 100 attendees. From that moment on, Eloy Moreno began to make regular tours around the city in which each time he manages to congregate more than 300 people. Currently more than 4000 people have participated.