Slap festival zaragoza

Slap festival zaragoza

Hip hop and break dance battles in the ‘slap festival’ of zaragoza

The exhibition, which can be visited from April 29 to October 17, is made up of 70 pieces of very varied character, from ceramics of great colorfulness and dimension to a series of drawings, watercolors and intimate oil paintings, works that represent all the stages of the artist’s creative activity, from the Moncloa factory in Madrid (1877-1892), through the earthenware factory La Segoviana in Segovia (1893-1906), to his workshop as an independent ceramist in the disentailed Romanesque church of San Juan de los Caballeros (1907-1921).

Presentation of kase o in camping zaragoza slap festival 2014

Manuela lives in a green city, or maybe red, or maybe purple, or orange, or blue… although it has not always been a city of so many colors. Some time ago, not long ago, that city full of shades of colors was completely GRAY, it was a dull city, people walked aimlessly or with fixed directions… How could that city have changed so much?
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Slap festival at zaragoza camping

All the activities will be gauged and with prior reservation of entry, and at all times will follow the prevention and safety measures set by the health authorities. For the entire program, nearly one hundred thousand free tickets will be available to the public, with a few exceptions. There will be 29,260 for concerts, 9,900 for jacks, 7,200 for various artistic disciplines, 44,792 for children’s activities and 6,218 for alternative youth leisure.
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Slap! festival 2016

This has been presented at a press conference by the organization with its director Víctor Domínguez at the head; along with Fernando Rivarés, Councillor for Economy, Finance and Culture of the City of Zaragoza; Anabel Gutiérrez, head of Culture Service of the Government of Aragon; Javier Pomar, Brand Manager of Cervezas Ambar; and Unai Mensuro, Marketing Director of Camping Ciudad de Zaragoza.
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