Rtve la caza tramuntana

Rtve la caza tramuntana

La caza: tramuntana premiere

After the delay suffered in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis that affected all audiovisual productions, this Wednesday comes to TVE La caza. Tramuntana, a new case to be solved by Sergeant Sara Campos and Corporal Víctor Gamero, after La Caza. Monteperdidos, which we could see in 2019.
The series created by Agustín Martínez was based in its first installment on his novel Monteperdido, which he adapted for the screen along with Luis Moya. In this second season, written with Miguel Sáez Carral, Jorge Díaz and Antonio Mercero, it starts from scratch with a new story, in which Muntaner and Hernández retake the characters of Sara Campos and Víctor Gamero.
They will be joined by Félix Gómez playing Sergeant Selva, who is sent to the town of Tramuntana to find out what has happened to Sergeant Campos, who disappeared while conducting an investigation.
Bernat Cervera, a neighbor and respected by the whole town, is violently murdered in front of three teenagers from the juvenile protection center where he was the choir director. During the investigation, Sara Campos begins to suspect that Cervera was not the exemplary neighbor everyone thought, that he abused the boys in the choir and that his death could be the revenge of one of his victims.

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– TVE (@tve_tve) January 9, 2021If for something conquered La caza. Monteperdido was for its investigation, the constant twists that led to new suspects and endless clues that viewers had to follow to try to find out who was the kidnapper of Sara and Lucia.This time it all starts with the murder of Bernat Cervera, one of the most beloved inhabitants of Tramuntana, who was killed in front of three young people. An event that seems complicated but that will also bring many headaches. It will be so complicated and chaotic that a reinforcement will have to come to find out what has happened in the Mallorcan village and why after solving this case, Sara Campos has disappeared.
New additions to the castThis season will keep some of the characters we already knew in Monteperdido as Sergeant Campos and Corporal Gamero, but there will also be some surprises as the union of Felix Gomez to the team. The actor will play the role of sergeant Selva, he will be that extra help that will arrive to the island to review the investigation of Sara Campos. Felix has confessed to be very happy to play this character: «It has allowed me to be something I’m not, to get out of my role».  Actresses such as Sara Rivero, Elia Galera, Alvaro Rico, or the great Llum Barrera, who confirmed her appearance in this season in social networks, have also joined the series. Of course, to know more about her role we will have to watch the series.

Tramuntana hunting online

The Civil Guard tries to find out who has murdered one of the most beloved men in the Sierra deTramontana, at the same time that the mysteries and legends of the town give rise to the disappearance of the Civil Guard agent who leads the case.
In June 2019 after the good data harvested and good reviews TVE renewed the series for a second season also written by Agustín Martínez. Two months later, in August, it was announced that the series would continue in the Sierra de Tramontana with a new story and new characters, keeping the two main characters Sara Campos (Megan Montaner) and Víctor Gamero (Alain Hernández). Thus, the series changed its name to La caza. Tramuntana.[7]

La caza: tramuntana season 2

To put in context, the audiences of La Caza are in line with other TVE’s serialized bets for this year, such as Historias de Alcafrán (6.8% and 984,000) and Inés del alma mía (6.9% and 1,111,000), which did not quite work, and below HIT (9.2% and 1,523,000) and the 21st season of Cuéntame (10.9% and 1,935,000), which have worked better.
However, knowing what happened, even having the names of the culprits, does not seem to be enough to achieve justice. Samiah, Bela and Julia are just one example of those victims that no one seems to care about. Something the guards will not allow.