Natalia millán billy elliot

Natalia millán billy elliot
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    Natalia millán billy elliot

    Interview with natalia millán, star of billy elliot

    NM: Every day is a different universe and the truth is that we all start with a lot of enthusiasm and zero sense of monotony. In addition, we also have new additions among the adults. It's like starting again with the peace of mind that you know very well what you are doing and you know it's a success, because when you start you don't know what is going to happen. Now we know it's a success.
    CH: Late last week, U.S. host Lara Spencer on Good Morning America made fun of Prince George of England practicing ballet. What are your thoughts on that, given Billy Elliot's ideal that boys can also dance ballet?
    NM: There are many times, on Friday and Saturday doublets, that we end up here around one o'clock in the morning and you have to be here at three in the afternoon and many times I say 'I'm lying in the dressing room' and because they set alarms, otherwise I would close the dressing room and stay here to sleep.

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    Why did you want to be an actress? If I look back, I was showing my way without knowing it, because even being very shy as I was, no one could beat me as a clown. I really liked to disguise myself, whatever it was, because what I wanted was not to be recognized when I went out on the street because of how shy I was. And I took the definitive step when I saw a film that tells in a very stark way how is the world of show business on Broadway. Do you have to have special qualities to combine acting, singing and dancing? There are people who don't have them and, nevertheless, they manage to do their job very well because they have other qualities. What I do notice now is that since there is more information, since we can watch so many movies through the Internet or television channels, it is easier to learn. I remember when I saw "Cabaret" for the first time, the actors were allowed to smoke, but now they are not allowed to smoke. Things have changed a lot; has the experience made you more demanding in your work? I always set the bar high, I guess like almost everyone else, but in musicals you have to do it because it's a very hard job. There are times when you choke because the placement of the dance for breathing when singing is totally different.

    Natalia millán - edie sedgwick song

    On February 10, 2013, the private television network, Telecinco, announced that Natalia Millán would participate in the show ¡Mira quién salta! On March 19, 2013, the actress signed on, only for a few episodes, for the series Dreamland School which aired on Cuatro. Later in April 2013, the actress signed for Velvet where she plays Gloria, stepmother of Miguel Ángel Silvestre.
    In November 2015, she premiered the youth series Yo Quisiera on Divinity where she plays Isabel, Lana's mother. She participated in the first season of El Ministerio del Tiempo, embodying the role of "Lola Mendieta."[7]

    Billy elliot the musical in the nuevo teatro alcalá

    A similar transfer between intention and dance occurs in the excellent finale of the first act, when Billy Elliot's childish anger is expressed through dance as the wall of paternal intransigence becomes the police repression that condemns the miners to crash into a non-existent future.
    David Serrano directs the actors with ease and without falling into the temptation to slip in a joke whenever he sees the opportunity, with the exception, perhaps, of Mamen García in the role of the grandmother. She has a fair voice and is unnecessarily Hispanic costumbrista in the scenes where she appears.

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