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    synchronous session week 1, m8-rec-130921-001

    "The Naked Life", truth be told, didn't say much to me. I need that if we dedicate almost 300 pages to reflect on something, those reflections should be original. Be personal. Of the authors or of the characters, I don't care, but personal. Because in the personal there is truth. I suppose that for this reason, 'La vida desnuda' has not said much to me. Because I have read its sentences a thousand times, and I have not found any truth in them, so I have not found truth in this story. And the story, on the other hand, has not seemed to me a true story either.
    The synopsis of the book sells a story that never really unfolds; maybe it's my fault, that I was expecting an elaborate family plot full of secrets. In reality, what 'The Naked Life' is is an exposition of those secrets, with no mysteries or surprises. Not a single one of the events narrated struck me as shocking; in fact, all of them are quite predictable.
    I think it stays very much on the surface and, as I said, uses phrases, reflections and expressions that we see every day. The author gives words to the emotions and feelings that go with Gala, she explains what happens and how she feels quite clearly, but she rarely creates something truly beautiful to read around those feelings and emotions.

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    El resentimiento es un sentimiento cercano al odio y al rencor . Cuando sentimos resentimiento hacia alguien que nos hirió o humilló en el pasado, descartamos la posibilidad de perdonar y nos quedamos anclados en aquello que nos causó dolor.
    14. Olvidar las cosas es lo peor que te puede pasar, yo me acuerdo de todo. Lo que no guardo es rencor, porque las cosas pasan y ya está, y punto. Creo que hay que ser positivo, mirar siempre hacia delante y pensar que lo que viene siempre es mejor que lo que ha pasado. (Víctor Manuel)
    21. El cristianismo tiene en su propia esencia el rencor de los enfermos, el instinto contra lo sano, contra la salud. Todo lo que está bien construido, es orgulloso, valiente y, sobre todo, bello, ofende sus oídos y sus ojos. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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    Matías Prats did not hesitate to introduce the video in a very original way: "And even though it was their first experience, none of them has caught a balloon". Prats alluded to the colloquial expression "pillarse un globo", which means to get high.
    The most famous galactic saga of cinema was filming a spin-off about one of its most emblematic characters, 'Han Solo: A Star Wars Story'. The Canary Islands was one of the places chosen for the filming of the movie, a fact that resulted in significant economic gains for local businesses.
    Matías Prats did not want to be left behind and proposed a new challenge to the urban artist, converting the passage to the interview into some verses: "Now we are going to propose another one: to rap the news, without being untruthful, with all the agility... of his word".
    The city of Barcelona hosted in 2016 a meeting of fans of J.K. Rowling's fantasy saga. Antena 3's 'Weekend News' picked up the fact and Matías Prats didn't think twice about it. "The thing is that they were delighted," said the presenter before the video.

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