La golondrina carmen maura

La golondrina carmen maura
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    La golondrina carmen maura

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    Although it has gone through several metamorphoses, La Golondrina now concentrates its spotlight on the Teatro Infanta Isabel. The play starring Carmen Maura and Dafnis Balduz puts its finale in Madrid with a new batch of dates that will keep its curtain open until January 10 in the capital.
    Amelia and Ramón are the two protagonists of the show. The former is a stern, hard and sometimes cold singing teacher who receives in her home the latter, who wants to improve his vocal technique to sing in a recital dedicated to the recent death of his mother. Despite her initial reluctance to help him, Amelia gradually discovers that she is united to Ramón in ways that were previously unknown to her.
    For Balduz, participating in La Golondrina is being "one of the most powerful experiences of my life" and doing it with Maura, "a lucky thing", because the veteran actress "is giving and generating all the time, you look into her eyes and you never get lost because she is always where she has to be". The great difficulty of the play to which Guillem Clua has given shape "is to make the journey well", because it is 90 minutes without a break, with constant dialogue and a text with "a very powerful journey" between the characters.

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    All the action takes place in Amelia's house, specifically in the living room. A room presided over by an enormous black piano. To the right, a bookshelf with books and photographs. And in the background, a large window overlooking the sky. A coquettish and elegant scenography created by Alessio Meloni. The scenography is, precisely, the most outstanding element of the staging created by Josep María Mestres. A staging with hardly any changes of lights and in which all the weight falls on the direction of the actors and their interpretative work.
    And, if before we have mentioned that Carmen Maura is not as 'tuned' as we expected, the one who does give the chest is Felix Gomez, who gives us a great performance. It is true that Clua has given him a very valuable gift with this role, but it is also true that the actor overcomes the challenge with flying colors. Well directed, Gómez nails each of the nuances of his character, perfectly capturing the full breadth of the arc. He convinces us with his sympathy and freshness at the beginning - telling anecdotes and 'seducing' the teacher with his particular verbiage - and also moves us as the story unfolds and we approach the dramatic denouement. Throughout the play, she has really powerful moments in which she wastes strength and sensitivity. She moves and moves us, besides surprising us with her beautiful voice. We could say that, in 'La Golondrina', Félix Gómez gets his doctorate before Maura, one of the professors of this profession. That is nothing.

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    The song he has selected is La golondrina, as it has a special meaning for him and, apparently, also for Amelia. Through their relationship, they delve into sexual freedom and the different ways of loving, while at the same time they unravel their past, marked by an Islamist terrorist attack. This will provoke a harsh confrontation between the two characters, but will also unite their destinies forever.
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    After a first premiere in London and then in Madrid in 2019, 'La golondrina' is back at the Teatro Infanta Isabel. Until January 24 you can enjoy this emotional play from Wednesday to Sunday. Starring a wonderful Carmen Maura in her return to the stage and a fantastic and surprising Dafnis Balduz. The text is the work of playwright Guillem Clua and Josep Maria Mestres is in charge of the direction.
    The protagonists of 'La golondrina' are Amelia and Ramón, brilliantly played by Carmen Maura and Dafnis Balduz. Amelia is a singing teacher who receives Ramón at her home, who wants to improve his vocal technique to sing at the memorial of his recently deceased mother. The chosen song has a very special meaning for him. And, apparently, also for her, who finally agrees to help the young student.
    The text of 'La golondrina' is totally overwhelming and devastating. To write it Guillem Clua is directly inspired by the terrorist attack that took place in June 2016 in the gay bar Pulse in Orlando. There 49 people died, but 'The Swallow' not only wants to talk about this kind of attacks, there is room for more tragedies and misfortunes that should never have happened. In this way 'La golondrina' becomes a song against homophobia and repression.

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