Javier rey y adriana ugarte

Javier rey y adriana ugarte

adriana ugarte and javier rey – interview

Of course, the typical questions were present. They also took a look at the mysterious box, which is enjoying great popularity this season. But neither Adriana Ugarte nor Javier Rey gave too much play in one of the most anticipated questions: sex. Would she feel uncomfortable talking about it in front of her current partner? The truth is that David Broncano, unlike other guests, did not want to insist too much.
Showing his usual humor, David Broncano wanted to joke with the actress when they talked about the awards she has received. Wanting to make a connection with Ugarte’s previous visit to the program, he told her: «It was not mentioned the other time that you have several awards. When award-winning actors and actresses come, you have to comment on it. For example, you were awarded the City of Huesca Award».
The most humorous note came when the actor Antonio Resines did not hesitate to interrupt the interview to self-promote his own film, his first as director, entitled «Historias de nuestro cine». We don’t know if he even did the previous actors a favor, but David Broncano was dying of laughter.

we confirm that adriana ugarte and javier rey are the best actors in the world.

We get serious because today we are visited by two great actors, Javier Rey and Adriana Ugarte, who have just released ‘Hache’ on Netflix. Is there a lot of violence, is it the typical series that you can not put on at lunchtime? It seems incredible that they have filmed the series, they almost do not know how to describe the plot! We discover the more literary side of Adriana Ugarte, who in her spare time studies philosophy. «I’m in my third year, but I don’t have time,» she tells us. «I want to grow old with a subject pending,» she explains.
Who was Confucius, what things have changed the history of mankind? We put Javier Rey and Adriana Ugarte through one of the craziest challenges, and such were the laughs that the actress volunteered to do a section. But there’s no budget!

adriana ugarte and javier rey will star in ‘hache’.

On Friday 1 they premiered Hache on Netflix, and this has given them the pass for a new visit to Movistar+’s La Resistencia. Javier Rey and Adriana Ugarte repeated in David Broncano’s program and gave a lot of play. Although in reality the one that gave the most was the stye that the Galician actor who plays Malpica in the thriller had in his left eye. Far from covering it up, he showed off «how fat it was» and gave himself to all kinds of tests, the first one being to turn the stye into the protagonist of a ‘hot face’ with a more than devoted Adriana. The result: the porn-earring.
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la resistencia – interview with javier rey and adriana ugarte

For some weeks now there have been rumors about the possibility that David Broncano, presenter awarded with an Ondas for his program La Resistencia, and Adriana Ugarte, star of El tiempo entre costuras, could be starting a relationship.
However, the big moment of the night came when the guests had to answer the famous questions about money and sex. Actor Javier Rey confessed to having had sex 62 times, albeit alone, but Ugarte did not get to answer.  The program La Resistencia cut the actress’s answer, for no apparent reason, and only those who had Movistar+’s video on demand (VOD) service were able to watch it.