Ingrid garcia jonsson novio

Ingrid garcia jonsson novio
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    Ingrid garcia jonsson novio

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    RelacionesNo tenemos constancia de relaciones pasadas de Ingrid García Jonsson.AboutIngrid García Jonsson es una actriz española de 30 años. Nacida Ingrid García Jonsson el 6 de septiembre de 1991 en Skelleftea, Vasterbottens lan, Suecia, es famosa por el Premio Goya a la Mejor Actriz Revelación. Su signo del zodiaco es Virgo.Ingrid García Jonsson ha coincidido en pantalla con Peter Lanzani en Aliados (2013).Ingrid García Jonsson forma parte de las siguientes listas: Nacimientos de 1987, Talones de actores españoles y Talones de actores suecos.Aporta

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    Cadiz took advantage of the situation and invited the actress to enjoy a match at Carranza, in the absence of being able to give her the joy of winning the European championship. Ingrid, delighted with the invitation, promised to let the club know when she passes through Cadiz to accept the invitation.
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    From Andalusia she connects with its poetry and its sonority, its Lorquian stamp. In Seville, they lived above a video store, and rented tapes daily. He assures that the moments in which he has felt freer have been watching movies: "In life it is not so easy to laugh and cry, we do not allow ourselves to feel beyond. On the other hand, in a movie theater you connect in such a pure way". I took the opportunity to ask him about that subtle and difficult register of his, what the Anglo-Saxons call underplay: "I'm doing something I know how to do: take risks. I have no idea what will happen, but I try to do things as truthfully as possible". Ingrid writes, especially in the moments when she thinks she is going to die, "they are testamentary, I get inspired when I feel in danger". She does not rule out directing, generating her own work, she has two films in mind, a short film and a project for youtube.
    AndresgarlujanWe talked about her time on La Resistencia, the TV show that has made her go viral, and there are even those who relate her to David Broncano: "This is life: to become an actress and fight and then go out saying stupid things on TV (laughs). I'm not a comedian, and I don't want to occupy a place that a comedian should be occupying, but why stop being there if it's fun for me... Regarding David Broncano, we are not a couple. People want love to happen, and I find it funny. We wouldn't make a good couple. I have Rufo, an adopted mutt, and I don't feel the call of motherhood... I like the way everything is, my work and my life".

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    Her mother is Swedish and her father is from Seville. Ingrid's mother traveled to Seville to study Fine Arts, fell in love with her father and both settled in the Andalusian capital. "They both belonged to creative industries and that made for a fairly free home, but it's true that it wasn't easy to tell them I wanted to be an actress," she recalled.
    She began studying architecture and one of her first contacts with the film industry was as Cameron Diaz's double in the movie Noche y día (2010), which was filmed in Seville.
    The renowned director Jaime Rosales gave her her first starring role in Hermosa juventud, a film with which she traveled to the Cannes Film Festival and which earned her a Goya nomination for Best New Actress.
    For the actress, "how I dress is a way to show the world what kind of person I want to be". That's why, on the red carpet (as she does on the screen) she is not afraid to take risks with looks like the long two-tone dress with side slit inspired by qipao signed by Gucci that she wore during the 2019 edition of the Malaga Festival or the red Sybilla that she wore for the 2017 Goya gala.

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