Gira alejandro sanz sirope

Gira alejandro sanz sirope

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The «maestro» Miguel Poveda -with whom he sang «No me compares»- has completed the list of guests at this concert, in which many of the most popular songs created by Sanz since he rose to fame in 1991 with the album «Viviendo deprisa» have been played.
The artist of «Más», the 1997 album that contains several of his most popular songs, has used the potpourri formula to introduce three of the songs from that album, «Amiga mía» and «Y si fuera ella», as well as «Mi soledad y yo», into his «Sirope».

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Tras girar fuera de España durante 2015, Alejandro Sanz vuelve en 2016 con su gira Sirope Vivo. A partir del 8 de julio y hasta mediados de agosto, el artista hará apariciones en los principales escenarios de 15 ciudades españolas diferentes tanto en la península como en las Islas Canarias.
Más de 300.000 espectadores vieron la gira Sirope en España, convirtiéndola en la mayor gira española del verano de 2015. En 2016, Málaga tendrá la oportunidad de volver a recibir a uno de los artistas españoles más internacionales. Alejandro Sanz ganó este año dos Grammys Latinos por su álbum, Sirope: Mejor Álbum Vocal Pop Contemporáneo y Mejor Productor También fue nominado a los Grammys 2016 en la categoría de Mejor Álbum Pop Latino.

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When I finally got in at 8:15 pm, I realized that not even the opening act had started. I had time to drink rum, because they were giving it away and I sat down to wait for the show to start, which happened after a few minutes.
First Maricarmen was introduced, she sang 3 songs and promoted her album Alma viajera. I had never heard her before and I loved her, she has a beautiful voice and performs songs from a variety of genres adapted to pop ballads. When she finished, Paula Arenas came on, a singer from Bogota that I didn’t know and that I didn’t like so much because of her way of singing, which I don’t know how to explain but it has to do with the pauses she makes, how «whiny» she sounds (I know there must be a technical term to describe that, but I don’t know it).
At 9 o’clock Alejandro Sanz came out and started the concert with El silencio de los cuervos.  Obviously everyone stood up and the aisles filled up; so far so good, but the problems started when some people started to stand on the chairs and when not all of them were decent enough to get down when asked to do so. It is a pity that we are still such a selfish and unrespectful country.

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Sirope Vivo Tour is a concert in which we expect to hear his well-known hits such as: Amiga mia, Corazón partío, Mi soledad y yo, Cuando nadie me ve; as well as his new songs such as A que no me dejas, Capitán tapón, to mention a few.
Currently, Sanz has collaborated in songs such as No soy una de esas, with the Mexican duet Jesse & Joy; as well as with Marc Anthony in the song Deja que te bese, and invited Alejandro Fernandez to sing a duet A que no me dejas, a song that is included in the album Sirope.