Electro javier ruescas

Electro javier ruescas

Nemesis book by javier ruescas

To survive, Ray must rely on Eden, a young battle-hardened fugitive whose heart depends on external energy to keep beating. Guided by a mysterious diary, they will embark together on a journey full of dangers in search of answers, unaware that some secrets are better left buried forever…
«To the hungry wolf you feed, with your blood and flesh he may lick. Avoid caves and darkness, or the cursed infants would come to attack you. Ice crystals, in bone and skin, of one thou laughest, but what wilt thou do with ten?».
That new world Ray finds himself in struck me as very original, complete and well constructed. It’s great to be able to understand how and why that situation has come about. Everything makes sense and makes sense, it keeps the reader surprised throughout the story. There is a reason for Eden’s need for electricity to keep her heart beating, why the creatures living in the wild exist, what form of government exists and how it came about…. All of this is discovered through the character along with the diary. I loved the combination of these two resources and it is perfectly structured: each piece of information is revealed in due time.

Electro javier ruescas synopsis

On the way, he crosses paths with some looters who are chasing a girl. Without intending to, he is discovered by the group. Thanks to the girl’s intervention, they manage to escape, but she, Eden, takes him prisoner, as she doesn’t trust him. Ray’s surprise is enormous when he realizes that Eden needs an external energy battery connected to his heart to keep it beating.
Throughout the book we discover the origin of a war that seemed to be unleashed during the time these memoirs are written and how it has reached the current situation. Thanks to Eden, the protagonist also receives information about this apocalyptic world and how it has become like this.
Despite being the first volume of the trilogy, it has a closed ending. An ending that, even though I could have guessed in part, did not cease to surprise me. This denouement lays the groundwork for its sequel, ‘Aura’, which I already have in my hands, or rather my ears.

Electro javier ruescas epub

3.5 actually. Electro was a book I never planned to read, but I found it on Storytel and I really wanted to listen to it and even more when I discovered that the narrator was Rodri Martín, one of my favorite voice actors in the world. So, if it were up to Rodri, I would give the story a 10, because listening to it with his voice has been a delight and it is undoubtedly the best audiobook I have been able to listen to, so I highly recommend it in this format. As for the story I must say that
Electro is the first part of a post apocalyptic dystopian trilogy written by Ruescas and Carbajo. It is a novel with an interesting story and setting that leaves you wanting more. A novel that grabs you from the first page and that shines, above all, for its originality.Electro is undoubtedly original no matter where you look at it. I have been fascinated by how Ruescas and Carbajo describe the way in which the

Electro javier ruescas del momento

I really wanted to read the saga so, taking advantage of the Book Fair and the visit of both authors in the country, in addition to getting the book I was able to meet Javier Ruescas and Manu Carbajo. More than happy!
As for the story, it tells us about the world after the «extinction» of human beings. It shows us the numerous and diverse creatures that, in each chapter, managed to surprise me more and more. They were created as a result of failed scientific experiments, just as, later on, people whose hearts depended on external energy to beat emerged.
Returning to the characters, I can highlight Ray, the protagonist, who had to face an unknown world without knowing much about it, with its dangers and risks to discover. However, he is impulsive and went ahead even not knowing what he might encounter. On the other hand, we have Eden, who from the first moment she appeared was quite a «warrior», she stood firm and attentive, defending her ideals and thoughts. Also, throughout the story, we are introduced to different characters very well worked and interesting.