El rincon novela romantica

El rincon novela romantica
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    El rincon novela romantica


    XI Vergara Award for Best Romantic Novel Two arrogant souls doomed to understand each other. Can a duke and a working woman in Victorian London bridge the chasm that separates them? Paige Clearington...
    X Vergara Award for best romance novel I am not Lizzy Bennet is an invitation to be yourself, to overcome adversity, and to accept that life, if you look carefully, always has something...
    A love story with a difference and hard to forget. Winner of the VII Vergara Award - El Rincón de la Novela Romántica. After suffering an unfortunate mishap, Lena wanders the streets of a huge city...
    First installment of the "Whitechapel" series. A novel with a perfect setting in the Victorian era that will not leave anyone indifferent. Winner of the VI Premio Vergara - El Rincón de la Novela...
    A romance that overcomes greed, hatred and revenge, that is forged little by little until it becomes respect and admiration, love and tenderness... and an overwhelming passion. A fascinating journey of...

    pride and prejudice

    Romantic novels originally written in Spanish, with a minimum length of 265,000 characters with spaces, are eligible for the Vergara Romantic Novel Prize. The novels will be aimed at adult readers and may belong to any subgenre of the romance novel.
    The amount of the Vergara Romantic Novel Prize will be 3,000 euros, this contest is open to both new and published authors. The Vergara Romantic Novel Prize is open to authors of any nationality and gender, as long as they are of legal age and their work is written in Spanish.

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    On the occasion of the publication of the new book by Ana B. Nieto, La huella blanca, we wanted to contact the author to talk about her work and tell us first hand the ins and outs of this story.
    From then on, adversities are unleashed: Ciarán defies his adoptive family and is forced to leave for the capital, where he hopes to enter the king's service to reclaim Olwen. However, he soon realizes the enormous cost he will have to pay. Meanwhile, in the village, Diarmait will do all he can to get his hands on the girl.
    It is for those who enjoy the great romantic dramas of literature: Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, The English Patient.... Very passionate stories and epic romance, because here the protagonists have to fight against everything and everyone to be together.
    Theirs is an unconditional and radical love, the adolescent love that explodes and can overcome everything. That first love that you think will be definitive because you can't imagine that there will be anything after and that obsesses you to the point of bordering on death. In that sense, it is romantic love par excellence, in the nineteenth-century sense.

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    Mariana Montalban lives with her elderly aunt, who is all the family she has left, and faces many difficulties given her meager income. Her life is a succession of losses: her father, her mother, her childhood sweetheart and her uncle. In desperation, she turns to the Marquis of Brandariz, who had been her father's friend and patient, who offers her a unique job to earn a salary.
    What no one could foresee was the intense attraction that Jorge and Mariana will feel from the moment they meet. Amidst a thousand dangers, ruthless terrorists and court intrigues, they will live an overwhelming passion that will become more than a chimera.
    Jorge Novoa appears to be a fop, a good-for-nothing who only goes from tavern to tavern and from woman to woman. But the reality is different, he is a spy and he is working. What he doesn't know is that someone is spying on him...
    Mariana Montalbán is selected by Jorge's boss so that he abandons the attention of the ladies, so that he can focus on only one and so he can devote more time to his mission, what Jorge did not know was what he expected to have in front of him the unconventional lady.

    Alexa Moros

    Escritora por vocación. Me gusta escribir sobre cosas relacionadas con hogar, maternidad, cultura y cine. Descubre mi web, el portal de mi mundo interior

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