David fernandez sifres

David fernandez sifres

speech by david fernández sifres, winner of el barco de vapor award

He remembers devouring books of The Five with his sister Mª Mercedes in a sunny room on a red carpet. He also remembers a common phrase of his parents: «money spent on books is money well spent». Now, he and his wife, Yolanda, have set aside a room in their apartment to play the piano (her), write (him) and read (both of them).
Writing is not his job, but a hobby that he combines with others such as hiking, reading or traveling. In fact, she writes rather little. In 2008 she published her first children’s novel, ¡Que viene el Diluvio, followed by El faro de la mujer ausente, winner of the Alandar Award for Young People’s Literature 2011, and Un intruso en mi cuaderno, winner of the Ala Delta Award for Children’s Literature 2012.

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The five boys of the Nautilus group, along with their mascot, a fox, are students at the Avante detective school. In their quest to become the best investigators of the school they face mysterious cases, where the sum of their skills will serve to unmask the unsuspected culprits.
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I write in my spare time, and I mainly take advantage of weekends and vacation periods. Everyone devotes their leisure time to those activities that make them enjoy, and I enjoy inventing stories. It is more complicated to combine work with meetings with readers in schools, but I manage to do so by taking advantage of vacation days, too.
I write as a hobby, as I said, and I like to enter contests because it’s a way of testing whether you like what you write. I write what I feel, what I feel like telling, without rushing and without impositions. I have been lucky enough to be recognized and the satisfaction is very great. On the other hand, we must not lose perspective either: an award does not stop supposing that a certain group of people liked a story more than others at a specific moment.
The truth is that I don’t have a method. I usually work the stories off paper, in my head, and I usually start writing when I have them perfectly clear. However, at other times I start writing with a simple starting idea. If the stories are complex, I make character and plot cards. If they are simple, I write straight away. In any case, I always have to feel the need to tell something and I try to make the story captivate me.

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Don Yata decides to play an innocent joke on his friend Josefa the giraffe, who is a bit fearful, and poor Josefa always fears the worst! With fold-out pages that reveal fun surprises.
The best and most intrepid detectives of all times are trained at the Avante school. Axel, Zinca, Oto, Ciro and Helena are its most recent students and together they form the Nautilus group.In their quest to become the best investigators of the school they face mysterious cases; to solve them it will be essential the sum of their skills, as well as their enthusiasm.The old mansion …
The best and most intrepid detectives of all times are trained at the Avante School. Axel, Zinca, Oto, Ciro and Helena are its newest students and together they form the Nautilus group. In their quest to become the best investigators, they will face the most mysterious cases; to solve them, the sum of their skills and enthusiasm will be fundamental. Enjoy …