Daniel diges los miserables

Daniel diges los miserables

daniel diges in les miserables 2014 soliloquy of valjean

In the musical «Les Miserables» Dani played Enjolras, a revolutionary, leader of the students, one of the leading roles in this fantastic musical based on the novel by Victor Hugo.  Enjolras is a young student, brave, passionate and idealistic who leads the people to the barricades where they will fight against the abuses and injustices of his time. He plans,
Enjolras was the first time he met on stage with Ignasi Vidal (Javert), Geronimo Rauch (Valjean) and David Ordinas (Bishop of Digne), with whom he would later form «Poker de Voces».  This character earned him

daniel diges en los miserables 2010-12 la batalla final

Daniel Diges García (pronunciación española: [daˈnjel ˈdixes]; nacido el 17 de enero de 1981) es un cantante, pianista, compositor y actor español. Aunque nació en Madrid,[1] ha pasado toda su juventud en la vecina ciudad de Alcalá de Henares.
Diges comenzó su carrera de actor en una compañía de teatro, Teatro Escuela Libre de Alcalá de Henares (TELA), en su ciudad natal, y tras protagonizar varios anuncios de televisión, saltó a la fama en la serie de televisión juvenil Nada es para siempre (1999-2000), interpretando el personaje de «Gato». A lo largo de los años también ha presentado programas infantiles como «Megatrix» (2001-2002) y Max Clan (2003-2004) y ha aparecido en varias series de televisión interpretando papeles secundarios: Hospital Central (2002), Ana y los siete (2003), Aquí no hay quien viva (2005) y Agitación +IVA (2005-2006).
Debutó en grandes producciones de teatro musical en 2005, interpretando los papeles de Colate en En Tu Fiesta Me Colé y Mario en Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar. En 2007 y 2008 interpretó el papel de Galileo en la producción española de We Will Rock You, y también protagonizó la adaptación teatral española de High School Musical como Troy Bolton (2008-2009). En 2009 y principios de 2010, interpretó el papel de Sky en la producción española de Mamma Mia![2].

daniel diges ‘les miserables’ – part 1 of 2

His participation in «Les Miserables» has some history; from November 2010 to March 2012, Diges played the role of Enjolras, then he participated as Gaston in «Beauty and the Beast», at the same time he participated in «Tu cara me suena» a very successful program, where celebrities imitate, winning the second place, and already in the 2013-2014 tour he returned to ‘Les Miserables’, this time embodying the main character of Jean Valjean.
Later, in 2017 he was invited in Brazil to play Jean Valjean again , this time sung in Portuguese. «It was a very nice experience, but also very hard because I had to learn the script in less than two months and without knowing Portuguese.»
And although he has only been in Mexico for a few months and Diges already has a few offers for his work in Les Miserables. «I am very flattered because Mexico has given me a great reception; for the moment, it is too early to say what I will do; I want to devote myself fully to Los Miserables and, nothing, I will have time to analyze the proposals and decide on one, I think that in this life the most important thing is to let yourself flow and live the present and now my present is to continue enjoying the gift that God has given me with Los Miserables and play one of the most important characters in the world».

daniel diges will star in the new version of

In the play, Valjean constantly talks to God and questions his existence. The actor, for his part, believes that the opportunity to act in Brazil has been a divine «message» that comes at a time of professional and personal «maturity».
«I’ve grown a lot, I’ve done musicals, I’ve studied a lot of theater, I’ve worked a lot; my albums; I’ve grown as an artist, as a person, as an actor. I am more mature,» says the artist, who became known playing David, «Gato», in the youth series «Nada es para siempre».
Diges defines himself as an «actor who knows how to sing», which, in his opinion, has allowed him to be successful in the world of musicals, where he has already participated in «Beauty and the Beast», «Mamma Mia» and «Hoy no me puedo levantar», among others.
He says that he continues to learn day by day and as a dedicated student, he shows the annotations made on the scripts, which have become a constant challenge that must be constantly overcome.
Diges has not yet thought about what his next step will be after «Los Miserables»: «I’m going to relax and let life flow. If I have to stay for America, I’ll stay. Right now is not the time to choose».