Carmen teatro nuevo apolo

Carmen teatro nuevo apolo
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    Carmen teatro nuevo apolo

    Flamenco ballet of madrid: carmen - teatro compac

    "Gades was in love with women and in Carmen he wanted to highlight that woman who seeks freedom" at a time when he did not play. "I like to define her as a wild animal, who takes bites out of life and flamenco allows us to see that truth with its strength".
    Now, from the other side, he assures that he loves to bring to young people everything he has learned, although he suffers when he sees that not all the meat is put on the grill. "A character that I have lived, pampered and I have been enlarging over time".
    Of that Carmen de Gades "there is everything, his soul, his vision, his legacy, his way of understanding the theater and his philosophy of work, but he is missing" and therefore it is greater responsibility to take care of it "more than if it were my creation," he says of a work where the scenery is that of Dominique You, as from its beginnings, and the costumes still have the essence of the 80s.

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    The Nuevo Teatro Alcalá building has two theaters, a rehearsal room, cafeteria and checkroom service. The main hall seats 1,240 spectators and Hall 2 seats 250.
    In addition, it has all the necessary access facilities so that anyone can enjoy our space. To this end, all floors of the building are connected by elevator and are equipped with toilets. In addition, there are access ramps to facilitate mobility.
    Located on the mezzanine floor, at the same level as the box area, is the theater's spacious cafeteria. Large windows overlooking the main façade fill this space with light, which has a classic style in its architecture and decoration.
    From corporate events to private parties, caterings, press conferences, presentations, private functions, space rentals or filming... Whatever the event you wish to hold, the Teatro Nuevo Alcalá offers its great capacity for adaptation and all the technical and human resources to make it a success.

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    It is in 2019, and presenting it exclusively at the legendary La Riviera in Madrid, when the singer-songwriter releases the single "Un golpe se suerte" recorded, produced and mixed by herself in her room, without filters, where the artist flirts with the world of sampling and consolidates herself as one of the most versatile and versatile female proposals of the independent industry.
    On July 29, 2020 saw the light "La Grieta", her most recent work composed and produced by Carmen. A dark and sweet song that explores the uncertainty of the blind spot and, somehow, is a reaffirmation of her vital interests and a projection of her own mind and concerns.

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    A play in which love and heartbreak, passion and death play a fundamental role. And a woman, who is capable of unleashing human passion to the point of driving mad the one who feels it. Carmen, a humble woman, a cigarette maker, who will fall in love with an army sergeant, José, who at first does not correspond to her love. However, in the end, José gives in to Carmen's charms. After a while, the roles are reversed and it is Carmen who rejects José. Escamillo, a bullfighter, is the one who now occupies her heart.

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