Billy elliot madrid reparto

Billy elliot madrid reparto

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Mark October 5 on your calendar, date on which the eagerly awaited premiere will take place, remaining on stage until December 3, with performances from Tuesday to Sunday. The theater where it will take place will be the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, at Calle Jorge Juan 62. It is produced by SOM Produce, involved in other renowned plays such as «The Sound of Music», «Chicago», «The Wizard Pop», «Priscilla, Queen of the Desert» or «Cabaret».
The show will only take place in Madrid, and unfortunately will not tour other cities, so if you are from outside Madrid you will have to travel, but hey, what better excuse to visit the capital? As always in these cases it is advisable to buy tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if they are sold out. Valentine’s Day is coming, so here’s a good gift idea 😉
Currently on the website you have several pre-sale options from 25 euros, with upgrades, 4×3 offers, VIP box, special prices for groups or gift card. There are also some gold seats (34 per performance) with the best views, drinks and discounts on the purchase of merchandising.

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Incredible artistic interpretation. Emotional, it made me cry at some points. I don’t have words to describe what I felt, I only know that my hair was standing on end with the internal emotion I felt. Watching the main character was like being in heaven.
Many times musicals go by without a trace, but this is one of the few that can be said to be exceptional. The artistic and technical quality is enormous and the sets are quite impressive. However, the best part of the show is the actors. They make the play so good. The important thing about this play is that you leave with the feeling that you would like to see it again despite the price. We are lucky to have a Broadway-level musical in Madrid, so we should take advantage of it.
In compliance with the measures decreed by the health authorities ordering the closure of all venues with capacity for more than 1,000 people, and the extension of the state of alarm until April 12, a situation that has all the signs of being extended in time, we are forced to communicate the definitive suspension of the performances of BILLY ELLIOT at the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá in Madrid.

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In addition, in the words of Rivero, «Billy Elliot» marks «a before and after» because it opens in Madrid «a new chapter in terms of positioning» as a city in which to enjoy «good musical theater».
The producers of «Billy Elliot» have also pointed out that the Teatro Alcalá had to be remodeled specifically to host the performance, since it was necessary to install some elevation systems and «make excavations» that required a restructuring of the stage box.

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