Silvia muñoz de morales cacharel

Silvia muñoz de morales cacharel
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    Silvia muñoz de morales cacharel

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    However, that's not all, because the young woman has had a YouTube channel since 2010. In it she publishes tutorials on fashion, beauty, etc. with a simple and personal style that has attracted tens of thousands of subscribers.
    I expected less work, but everything is organized in detail and on a large scale. I have done well because the people there were very nice and friendly, even people who have very big posts were humble with me and that has helped me a lot.
    Very happy and impressed. I was quite surprised because when I went to the casting I saw very pretty girls who looked like models: tall, beautiful...and I thought "oops, maybe I'm not so sure about the job".
    I uploaded the photos and asked my followers to vote for me so I could move on to the next phase. I managed to be among the 50 most voted girls and from there I had to pass several tests with a jury.
    I will never forget the casting experience because I had to kiss a guy, because in the ad there is a kiss, and I fell in love with him but it turned out that he was not the one I was going to shoot with and I had to choose between two other guys. I chose Sebastian who took care of me and I had a great time with him.

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    In the end, it was worth it. Excited after seeing the result, Silvia is eager to know her parents' opinion. "They have encouraged me a lot, they have advised me to live it and feel it, to enjoy everything that is happening to me, but to continue with my studies and, above all, being myself," she says with her feet on the ground despite her precocious jump to the networks.
    After a selection of 50 girls through the votes of Internet users, Silvia and the other eleven finalists faced a jury. They had to pose with grace and, also, be very decisive. "I remember that at the casting they asked me what love is for me, and I said it was a state of fullness that you find with a person who becomes your half: your confidant, your friend, with whom you share everything."

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    She seems to have her head furnished but it's not true. She pretends to be a responsible and serious girl but then she speaks and shows that she is almost all facade and rude (video of the cleaning lady).
    We have to remember the episode of the dog (for those who say that she was young, think if she herself with that age would have done something similar), when she recorded a cleaning lady with her uniform and her garbage bag and a "how glamorous"?a person who one day is an animal lover and the next day she buys a hat with fox fur?
    I have just seen her video of assumptions and that is what many people tell her: that she is mature, responsible, centered... she has left me very crazy, she doesn't do anything extraordinary that many people don't already do (work and study at the same time). On top of that, with the convenience of being a youtuber, she is much more flexible in schedules and can do it from home to combine.
    It makes me laugh that in the video she does nothing but repeat as a mantra that she has very clear and fixed principles, blablabla... then we see the famous video of the dog and the low comment to the cleaner that you comment.

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    The L'Oreal group, which has brands such as Garnier, La Roche-Posay or Cacharel has doubled the activity of its factories in order to produce disinfectant gels for the health sector lacking resources. The solidarity initiative has been announced through the @lorealspain profile where they briefly explain that the intention is to ''contribute to those who are giving the best of themselves in these difficult times''.
    In the exact words of Jean-Paul Agon, CEO and president of L'Oreal, ''with all these measures we want to show our recognition, our support and our solidarity with those who are showing great courage in a selfless way and are striving to fight this pandemic."

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