Sangre de dragon mercadona

Sangre de dragon mercadona
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    Sangre de dragon mercadona

    Deliplus eye contour

    I analyze what is known scientifically about the ingredients of Mercadona's dragon's blood cream (Beauté Mediterranea Dragon's blood). Based on this I give my opinion on its efficacy and safety.
    There are studies in "animal models" showing that dragon's blood extracts accelerate wound healing by decreasing inflammation. After only 1 day of treatment with dragon's blood, the wound shrinks and a dark crust forms on the surface which prevents secondary infection. Also, it stimulates the proliferation and migration of fibroblast cells that produce collagen, resulting in skin regeneration. In humans, I have only been able to find one study with 60 participants that also demonstrates the ability of dragon's blood (Croton lechleri) to accelerate the wound healing process. In this study a cream with 15% dragon's blood extract was used.
    Mercadona's Dragon's blood cream contains some ingredients that are controversial or may be irritating to delicate or sensitive skin. These ingredients are regulated and approved by the European Union, which specifies their concentration, degree of purity and safety, among other aspects.


    Dragon's Blood Regenerative Anti-Age Cream SPF 12 es un tratamiento antiarrugas con Dragon's Blood, un potente extracto antioxidante y regenerador que proviene de la savia roja del árbol Croton Lechleri. La Sangre de Dragón ayuda a proteger la piel de los radicales libres retrasando el proceso de envejecimiento de la piel.
    - 4% Dragon's Blood: potente extracto de origen natural que se obtiene de la resina rojiza del Croton Lechleri. Es rico en Proantocianidas y Taspina, moléculas que actúan en sinergia otorgando a la resina un alto poder antioxidante y regenerador que previene el envejecimiento prematuro de la piel.

    The best vitamin c serum

    One of Mercadona's long-standing successes has always been its commitment to skin care. A matter that had one of its best exponents in the dragon's blood cream, from Deliplus, which generated so much commotion for its exotic name linked to its properties. A product that has now been renewed with better qualities and is still attractively priced at 5 euros per jar.
    Capable of slowing cellular aging, Deliplus dragon's blood cream should be applied twice a day to moisturize the skin in the best way. In addition, it gives a smooth texture, despite its initial odor, as it contains Vitamin E, Allantoin and Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 12. What is dragon's blood? But the big question and at the same time its main claim is the name of the cream. Dragon's blood is nothing more than a shiny resin obtained from the red sap of the Croton Lechleri tree. Coming from the Amazon, as mentioned above, the proportion of this element in the cream is 4%.

    Niacinamide and retinol can be combined.

    "Everyone deserves to try a quality cream and take care of themselves," explains Juan Manuel Sánchez, CEO of Rofersam, the Barcelona-based laboratory that has devised the innovative formula of Dragon's Blood. With this philosophy, this cosmetics laboratory and the firm Beauté Mediterranea have put a low cost price on a product that, due to its properties, currently has a market value of 85 euros.
    Rofersam LaboratoriesBeyond its price, for Beauté Mediterranea's marketing director, Alba Usart, the great value of this cream lies in the formula. "It has a base of organic aloe vera, vitamin E and allantoin, which helps to improve the skin surface," she assures.
    Usart further explains that the great achievement of the formula is the 4% concentration - the optimal amount of any component for the skin to absorb it correctly - of Dragon's Blood, a natural extract with high antioxidant and regenerative properties.
    Its components and their origin are promising, but what exactly is the effect of this cream and how should it be applied? Its active ingredient helps to fill wrinkles and is highly moisturizing. Usart suggests applying it at night as a moisturizing treatment on "the great forgotten ones", i.e. décolleté and neck.

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