Pack my moment mercadona precio

Pack my moment mercadona precio
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    Pack my moment mercadona precio

    New in mercadona, soplo intense perfume set

    The 'My Moment Face' facial care set is an innovative anti-aging treatment consisting of four intensive serums: Apricot, Nude, Green and Blue, each of 15 milliliters, ideal to apply in times of greater wear and tear and fatigue!
    To pamper each of the parts of our body, the proposal is the 'Body Kit My Moment'. A complete body treatment with refreshing notes composed of a delicate exfoliating scrub in a 250 ml jar and a 250 ml bottle with dispenser, also with a markedly feminine character.
    An ampoule for every day of the week. The 'Hydra Glow Ampoules' case provides hydration and radiance to the face thanks to its seven ampoules to deeply moisturize the skin and another seven to bring radiance to the face.
    Smelling good is now more than ever within everyone's reach and, of course, also within the reach of mothers. This set includes a fresh and fruity fragrance, as it has strawberry and raspberry in its top notes thanks to the rose, the main protagonist.

    Mercadona novelty ikiru home ikiru femme ¿how to take care of yourself?

    The new collections and products of La Perfumería Mercadona for this Christmas continue to come to light. Would you like to find a special moment to take care of yourself as you deserve?  Discover all the new products:
    My Moment Face offers you an advanced cosmetic program that, in addition to a facial beauty ritual, provides concentrates of active ingredients to effectively fight the signs of aging on the face. For daily care, this kit contains a protective face cream and a remineralizing toner.
    As a complement, choose among these four concentrates of active ingredients: collagen to moisturize and firm, elastin to tighten and provide elasticity, calcium to regenerate and renew and, finally, magnolia as an antioxidant and anti-redness.

    Novedad en mercadona, ampollas faciales, lo

    Ya está aquí el verano, la época de calor y las salidas con los amigos. Y, a quién no le apetece un helado. Para la mayoría de los españoles, comer uno es darse un momento de respiro. Por eso los supermercados apuestan por este producto. Es el caso de Mercadona, que últimamente arrasa con todo tipo de productos como sus ambientadores O bagels.
    Además de las llamativas siglas de AIADHESA, esta gran marca está formada por un grupo de 35 artesanos heladeros de las localidades de Jijona, Ibi y Alicante, donde ninguno manda más que otro, y que actualmente dirige Federico García. Helados Alacant, que es como todo el mundo la conoce realmente, lleva desde 1972 plantando cara a las grandes multinacionales que dominaban el sector de la alimentación.

    Pack my moment mercadona precio del momento

    Hello, welcome to our blog, where you can learn and also inform you about the best colognes and perfumes. The colognes show our personality and show our first impression.
    Let's talk about Serum Mercadona Ampoules a well known and used cologne that has a projection and fixation that lasts throughout the day. After all, Serum Mercadona Ampoules is one of those fragrances that never goes unnoticed, with which you will receive compliments and compliments, since this fragrance has been on the market for a long time and has become a real bestseller.

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