Mejores bb cream ocu

Mejores bb cream ocu
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    Mejores bb cream ocu

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    To obtain these data, the OCU has chosen a group of volunteers, who have been subjected to a laboratory test to analyze the moisturizing of the creams, if they meet the sun protection index advertised on their labeling and if they protect against UVA rays.
    Thus, the organization has found that of the 17 products analyzed, three contained the parabens 'butylparaben' and 'propylparaben', a family of substances widely used in cosmetics for its preservative activity, but that the OCU does not see fit to be used because the contact with the skin is prolonged.
    Regarding UVA protection, many creams do not provide "good" protection against these rays that cause skin aging, and as for their moisturizing capacity, some "are surprising for their poor results", especially as this is a "basic" parameter in a skin care product.
    Finally, the OCU has warned of the price differences between different brands. Specifically, those of high perfumery are 55 percent more expensive than those sold in supermarkets, and 35 percent more than those distributed in pharmacies.

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    I already look at this kind of publications with some skepticism because in the end, they provoke a series of headlines that seek to generate controversy, audience or positioning and in the end, what matters less is the beauty product itself... better not to remember the headlines we had to read in certain media about Lidl's cream...
    But I also recognize that beyond the boom caused by this type of analysis, they leave some very interesting aspects that can give us very interesting clues to choose well the beauty products we buy.
    This time the best rated product was not Lidl (as happened with the sun and anti-wrinkle creams) but another cream containing Q10, NIVEA CC COLOUR CORRECTION Q10 PLUS- ANTI-WRINKLE, a cream that curiously enough several of you have recommended to me by email.
    You know that this type of product, the BB Creams, are far from the original idea that was born in Korea and in the West have been sold as "all-in-one" products, providing at least hydration, sun protection, and correction of imperfections.

    nivea bajo la ducha opiniones

    Un bálsamo de belleza que lo puede todo. Su fórmula unifica el tono de la piel y contiene activos botánicos que calman la piel enrojecida o irritada. La arbutina también actúa para erradicar las manchas oscuras, dejando la piel luminosa y fresca.
    Mientras tú te centras en igualar el tono y ocultar las impurezas, la CC cream de Juice Beauty hace el trabajo duro. Protección solar (SPF30), ricos antioxidantes y una piel radiante es lo que puedes esperar del uso de este producto.
    Descrito como un "potenciador de la piel", el tinte de culto de Glossier hace que tu piel parezca una piel, pero mejor. No difuminará las manchas oscuras ni las imperfecciones, pero le dará a tu piel un tono uniforme y un brillo bronceado.
    Laura Mercier ha renovado su crema hidratante con color original con una nueva fórmula y una gama de tonos más amplia. Con ingredientes añadidos para el cuidado de la piel, como los aceites de macadamia y de semillas de kukui, este tinte para la piel proporciona un acabado natural instantáneo, sin necesidad de usar el filtro Paris IG.
    Si tu rutina de maquillaje incluye cinco o más productos, la crema CC+ de It Cosmetics es el producto todo en uno que necesitas para reducir tu rutina a la mitad. Su cobertura en capas cubre las impurezas sin dejar una sensación pastosa y el colágeno, los antioxidantes, los péptidos y otros elementos trabajan juntos para crear un acabado juvenil.

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    They are sold to us as a more advanced version of the famous BB Creams. But it is an advertising strategy rather than a substantial advance in this type of products that promise to be an "all-in-one" for our skin.
    At first glance, everything points to it being a marketing strategy rather than a real innovation. It is curious, because DD creams are already starting to appear. It seems as if they have agreed to follow the letters of the alphabet. Will they continue until they reach the ZZ creams?
    If you decide to try one of these creams, take a look at the list of ingredients first: moisturizer and make-up are products that are used frequently and remain on our skin for a long time, so it is better to make sure that there are no undesirable substances in their composition.

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